Have you been told you need to strengthen your core? Does your back hurt after you train? Or do you feel like your training program could use some variety? Or maybe you feel stiff after sleeping in your car in The Front’s parking lot 😊

An Oov mat class could be the solution you have been looking for. What the heck is an Oov, you ask? The Oov is a bio-feedback device created by Daniel Vladeta, DO. Daniel created the Oov after continually facing the problem of how to get patients to perform their home exercises correctly. He also saw a need for a training tool that allows physical therapists and fitness instructors the means for creating optimal spinal elongation and core control without clogging the clients’ brains with external cueing about how their joints should be aligned in space.

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Prevent climber posture: We all know what climber posture is. Rounded shoulders, forward head, maybe a mouth breather. The Oov provides an efficient way to elongate the spine, realign your posture and train you in optimal alignment.

Build your core strength: The Oov allows for its users’ pelvis to move in all planes of motion, making for an ab-burning, 3-dimensional core challenge.

Awaken your nervous system: The Oov requires its user to simultaneously create millions of micro-adjustments to stay balanced. Sort of like making delicate moves on thin edges.

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To truly understand the essence of training with the Oov, you need to experience it for yourself. We are pleased to announce that we’ll now be offering an Oov mat class with Sandy Vojik, DPT, CMPT on Thursdays at 5:30pm. Try it as a way to warm up your system before climbing or make it an addition to your recovery routine!

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